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October Poster

A little bit later than planned, but here’s our October poster! As always, we have lots of last-minute events and there are several likely events in the next few weeks that are not 100% confirmed yet, so they’re not on the poster. So keep an eye on radar.squat.net and the facebook page!

spinhuis october november poster colour

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Final Exhibition Party with Capsular and Suzewind


___________October 15th
Final Exhibition party
Experimntal Photography Workshops
Doors 17:00

20:00>> Capsular
21:00>> Suzewind



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Benefit: Gouda against state oppression


Recently there was a squatting action in Gouda, to which the police reacted by immediately evicting the building. This is the second time that they have shown this absurd amount of police oppression in the last few months. So it’s time for some solidarity!
We’re raising some money for legal costs, and also just to be able to keep up the fight with our comrades in Gouda.
Come and enjoy a VoKu at 19:00,
The Anarchist quiz show
Bivak Boys Are performing
DJ’s Bray King & Barri Kees Sjon are playing a set.


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Ko To Tamo Peva – Servische filmvertoning met Radost


Lieve Radostnici,

Aanstaande woensdag vertonen we met Radost in het Spinhuis de Servische film Ko To Tamo Peva (met als Engelse titel Who’s Singing over There). Daarmee is het de eerste van de reeks Slavische filmavonden die we dit jaar organiseren!

Ko To Tamo Peva is een zwarte komedie uit 1980 onder regie van Slobodan Šijan en geeft met een enigszins grimmig absurdisme een beeld van Servië ten tijde van de bombardementen op Belgrado. De film volgt een bus vol met compleet verschillende figuren vanaf het platteland op weg naar de hoofdstad. Maar oorlog dreigt, en dit heeft zijn uitwerking op de reizigers, wat subtiel en soms minder subtiel naar voren komt.
Ko To Tamo Peva heeft meerdere internationale prijzen gewonnen en is verkozen tot beste Servische film van de periode 1947-1995 – niet voor niets.

Toegang is gewoon gratis, maar het Spinhuis wordt geheel gerund door studenten die vrijwilligen, en een kleine donatie wordt op prijs gesteld!

Tot ziens onder de brug op 28 september! (Het Spinhuis vind je dus achter het PC Hoofthuis, onder de brug bij die steiger.)

Liefs, Radost

ps. BYOP (Bring Your Own Popcorn)

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Benefit and screening: Climbing Walls, Making Bridges (2015)


Saturday, September 24th. Benefit and screening of documentary: Climbing Walls, Making Bridges: Capoeira, Parkour and Becoming Oneself in Turin (documentary, 32 mins.). Screening followed by Q&A with cast and crew. Doors and bar open at 7pm. Screening at 8pm.

“Climbing Walls, Making Bridges”is a thirty-two minute collective narrative. The story-tellers are eight young men who practice capoeira and parkour in the public spaces of Turin (Italy), and who narrate the city through their voices, eyes and movements. The project started as a “creative” instrument of ethnographic research, and evolved into an opportunity for co-constructing a participated narration, which involved a total of eleven people (eight participants, and three producers) for eighteen months of work. This narrative articulates several individual stories that cannot be separated from their social, political, and historical context, and through these stories, it addresses migration, belonging and the daily negotiation of meaning and identity in multicultural/super-diverse societies. These issues affect deeply each one of the participants’ daily lives, and regards everyone: citizens, activists, and cultural workers alike. Far from providing answers, theories or models to complex and crucial issues, this documentary instead aims to provide meaningful questions, and the possibility to highlight some of the (in)visible negotiations of self, place and belonging that are enacted daily in our urban spaces.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3zG7CDKwjY

Info and support: https://www.facebook.com/Climbing-Walls-Making-Bridges-1637701486495065/


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Spinhuis Anniversary Party – one year under the bridge!

spinhuis anniversary poster

This week, the Spinhuis celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary!

A year ago, the Spinhuis Collectief squatted the space underneath the Torensluis brigde to provide Amsterdam – and especially the student community – with a true autonomous and political space in the city center. A lot has happened since, and we are proud to celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary with you this Saturday!

After a summer of thorough renovations, the dungeon welcomes you to its dark and mysterious cellars again. This time to celebrate it’s history, revival and plans for the future. Wheter you want to drink a beer feeling nostalgic, contrive plans for future acts of resistance, dance or simply chill at the bar: you are all welcome to properly celebrate the 1 year anniversary with us…

// There will be bands, DJ’s and surprise acts. Free entrance.

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Affect Theory and Contemporary Politics : Lecture and Discussion Evening


Friday 26th of August 20:00
Affect theory is an exciting and emergent means of understanding ourselves as humans above and beyond the constraints of rational thought.

Affect is a pre-cognitive function that shapes perception at a fundamental level. Affect connects mind and body, the two work in harmony instantaneously to direct a specific type of action in response to a specific instance. The mind creates an affective reaction that is realized within the body. Affects are so convincing because more than considered, they are felt. Affect is created in everything we experience in day-to-day life, established and encouraged through familiarity and convention.

Existing conceptualizations of affect face limitations, but incorporating key ideas from the Frankfurt School can offer form and purpose to affect, which in turn works to breathe new life into Critical Theory.

The evening will consist of a brief lecture and an open discussion. The focus will surround the role affect plays in contemporary politics in the West.

Peter Zuurbier is a PhD student in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. His forthcoming book, co-written with Frédérik Lesage, is coming out in the next few weeks through Peter Lang Publishing. It is entitled: ‘Masamune’s Blade: A Proposition for Dialectic Affect Research’.

The book involves both the development of a dialectic conceptualization of affect theory that combines the work of Deleuze and Guattari with the ideas of the Frankfurt School, and an accompanying research method that attends to the unique qualities of affect.

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August / September Calendar

all the confirmed events so far, there’ll be more though!


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Breaking for Knowledge #8

The BREAKING FOR KNOWLEDGE series aims to answer this question. Promoting the dissemination and discussion of the knowledge produced within the academy in artistic fields; inviting creators and researchers to (re)present their master’s and PhD’s theses in a non-academic place and context, to a general public. – http://www.doyoumeanarchitecture.com/2015/02/breaking-for-knowledge/

Returning The Daydream to Architecture

This thesis investigates the reasons for the reappearance of late modernist utopian architectural projects in recent artist films. Three films by three different artists (Martha Rosler, Dorit Margreiter and Patrick Keiller) have been selected for their critical use of post-­‐war architecture in film or video and the way they look specifically at suggestions of revolutionary social changes to the concept of the house.

Architectonic Hell

Existing only in the closeness of a book I present an underground city. In a series of drawings I show a complex system of many thousands of rooms, corridors and stairwells.
In this architectural jumble you only see a small part of the city.
And with each drawing on a new page you descend deeper and deeper downwards.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1609504916006721/
Radar: https://radar.squat.net/en/event/amsterdam/het-spinhuis/2016-05-30/breaking-knowledge-8

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[16-4] A Thin Wall (film-screening and dialogue with Mara Ahmed)

A Thin Wall poster

Mara Ahmed will visit us in the Spinhuis to show her documentary A Thin Wall about the partitioning of India and Pakistan and the possibility of reconciliation.

Door is open at 19:00. The documentary starts at 20:00. Facebook event

Film Synopsis:

A THIN WALL is a documentary about memory, history and the possibility of reconciliation. It focuses on the Partition of India in 1947, but derives lessons that remain urgently relevant today. Shot on both sides of the border, in India and Pakistan, A THIN WALL is a personal take on Partition rooted in stories passed down from one generation to another. It is written and directed by Mara Ahmed and co-produced by Surbhi Dewan. Both filmmakers are descendants of families torn apart by Partition. The film is also a work of art infused with original animation, music and literary writing.

“Mara Ahmed’s A THIN WALL is akin to a beautiful and powerful book of essays: many voices sharing poetic, personal, and political stories and viewpoints, woven together to convey a universal aching. It is a textural and tangible journey that captures a profound sense of loss for more than one generation. May we all embrace the lessons this film has to offer.” [Linda Moroney, Director of Greentopia Film, NY]

Review in City Newspaper:

Director’s Bio:

Mara Ahmed has lived and been educated in Belgium, Pakistan and the United States. She has a Master’s in Business and Economics. For most of her life she worked in corporate finance. In 2004, Mara resigned from her job in order to devote herself to her true passion: art and film.

Mara’s artwork was exhibited at the Kinetic Gallery in 2008 and more recently at the Colacino Gallery in Rochester, NY. The shows were multi-media fusions of her collage work, photography and film work. Mara’s film training began at the Visual Studies Workshop in 2006, and later continued at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mara’s first film, THE MUSLIMS I KNOW premiered at the Dryden Theatre in 2008. It was meant to start a dialogue between American Muslims and non-Muslims. Her second film, PAKISTAN ONE ON ONE, opened at the Little Theatre in 2011. Shot entirely in Lahore, it is a broad survey of public opinion in Pakistan, about issues of interest to Americans. Both films have been broadcast on the American Public Broadcasting System, shown at film festivals, and screened on college and university campuses. A THIN WALL which was completed in April 2015 has already been screened at the Bradford Literature Festival (UK). It has also been officially selected by the Third i Film Festival in San Francisco and the Seattle South Asian Film Festival. For more information about Mara’s work, please visitNeelumFilms.com.

Interview on Voice of America:

Official Website:

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