Spinema: Fear Eats The Soul (1974) [25 September]

(Angst Essen Seele auf)
Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
93 minutes
In German with English subtitlesir-leasing.ru

Ali – Fear Eats the Soul is a bitter tale by Rainer Werner Fassbinder over racism and immigration in Germany. An older woman happens into an Arab bar to escape the rain one day. This is post-1972 Munich, where the bombing of the Olympic games by Islamic terrorists is still fresh in peoples minds. But this woman is Emmi, who married a Polish worker years ago despite her own family’s prejudices and warnings. She raised 3 children with him before he died of an ulcer. In the bar she meets Ali, a gastarbeiter from Morocco. Now she’s ready to love again. This is how the film begins, and I don’t want to say anything more about the plot.

Despite what it might sound like from what I have written above, this is no simple tale of racism. Fassbinder himself had a Moroccan lover at the time he made this film and he knew all the subtleties and hidden contradictions in the situation. This film takes several unexpected turns, only to reveal the real motives underneath the surface. In our modern Western society, just because everyone happens to be polite to you, it doesn’t mean that their motives are necessarily pure or good, or that they even actually like you. In a different situation they might act very differently. Fassbinder was constantly aware of this fact, and he was always thoughtful in how he revealed ulterior motives…

In this film Fassbinder delivers his typically sharp jabs at a hypocritical society…and does so with beauty and a twist of dark humor. Fassbinder’s films have fallen from grace in the last few years and they definitely deserve to be shown again the cinemas… especially since many of the issues he addressed have never been solved and are still bitterly relevant.

This will be a high-definition screening.

The Multatuli Bridge Singel 165a
(under the bridge, enter from the pier on the south side)
Film starts at 21:00, doors are open from 8:30.
Free entrance      Warning… there won’t be a toilet yet, so keep that in mind.

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