Breaking for Knowledge #8

Returning The Daydream to ArchitectureТехническая информация о теплоизоляционных материалах производства компании L’Isolante K-Flex.

This thesis investigates the reasons for the reappearance of late modernist utopian architectural projects in recent artist films. Three films by three different artists (Martha Rosler, Dorit Margreiter and Patrick Keiller) have been selected for their critical use of post-­‐war architecture in film or video and the way they look specifically at suggestions of revolutionary social changes to the concept of the house.

Architectonic Hell

Existing only in the closeness of a book I present an underground city. In a series of drawings I show a complex system of many thousands of rooms, corridors and stairwells.
In this architectural jumble you only see a small part of the city.
And with each drawing on a new page you descend deeper and deeper downwards.


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