[30-4] After the Bolivarian Revolution: When the Pink Tide Ebbs

This century major changes first raised, then dashed, hopes in Latin America. After an upsurge of left and social movement activity, there is a worrisome move to the right in the region. What’s behind it? And more importantly, how do we go about understanding it and what all this means for social movements world-wide? Author and filmmaker Clifton Ross (Until the Rulers Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements, PM Press 2014, and Home from the Dark Side of Utopia, AK Press 2016) will talk about the meaning and lessons of left governments and social movements in Latin America and “socialist” hopes based on extractivist economies with no future.

Clifton Ross is a writer, translator and filmmaker who lives in Berkeley, California. For the past thirty-five years he’s reported on revolutionary and social movements of Latin America and the United States, and has translated and published poetry, essays and other works from Spanish. His most important book, co-edited with his wife Marcy Rein, is called “Until the Rulers Obey” was published in 2014. Last year he published his political memoir “Home from the Dark Side of Utopia”. This book charts a path through good intentions, projects gone awry, and the shadow side of utopian dreams—ultimately locating hope in the social movements of ordinary people who resist the imposition of states and other actors that claim to represent them.

No entrance fee required and this event will be in English.

19:30 Door Open. Start 20:00

If you cannot make it on Sunday in the Spinhuis, then you’ll have opportunity earlier in the week with our friends of Basta! in Utrecht: http://www.kargadoor.nl/utrecht/agenda-podium/2017/2625/basta-after-the-bolivarian-revolution-with-clifton-ross.html

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