[28-3 20:00] Greece Today – A short talk by a Greek anarchist

Since 2010 the news from Greece monotonously include terms such as “sovereign debt crisis”, “great depression”, “austerity measures”, “political instability”, “social crisis”.What ‘s the reality behind numbers, economic indexes and media cliches? What ‘s the current situation of a society after six years of “crisis” and how does this affects the political landscape? And the most important question for activists, what are the struggles against the present political status?
More than just outlining answers to the above questions we shall focus on the anarchist movement in Greece and its attitude towards the state policy of the last years. The rise to power of Syriza marks a turning point for the anarchist movement in Greece. In a political context where the governmental left seeks to integrate and take control of parts of the social movement, anarchist movement emerges as the consistent voice of class and social interests of the oppressed.
This will be a short talk by a visiting Greek anarchist with plenty of space for discussion. Bar will be open afterwards.

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